Dress rehearsal for FUSE production of Fun Home (Photo © Will Yurman 2017)
Singing Onstage students performing in FUSE’s 2017 production of Fun Home

Singing Onstage, a children’s musical theatre training program founded by Richard and Heidi Biever in 2003, is now the educational arm of FUSE. It provides children ages three to 18 with a creative outlet where they learn to sing, act, dance, and develop confidence in a loving, joyful, judgment-free atmosphere. It now serves more than 600 students through nine classes each semester and twenty summer camps. Often, Singing Onstage students find themselves sharing their talents in FUSE productions—as child actors or as mature members of the cast.

Marcovitch“My Anna was an extremely shy and reserved child, but she decided to give Singing Onstage a try because several of her friends were involved. We knew she liked to sing, but we had no idea what a transformational experience Singing Onstage would be for her. When she sang “Tomorrow” in Annie Jr, one of her early experiences with Singing Onstage, we were absolutely stunned. Singing Onstage introduces children to the performing arts, to the work involved in creating a performance, and to the joy and fun of it all.”

—Jen Marcovitch, Friend of FUSE and mother of Anna and Eliza, both of whom participate in Singing Onstage and FUSE Productions